Enter Rick Shapiro’s new take on live-air radio. Experience life, observation with the passion and exhalation that Rick Shapiro is know for – many of which we dare not explore. His long-form, theatrical prose of sensuality and electricity comes to you on GENUINE CURIOSITY.

This radio show intertwines through the landscape of a comedian’s guise; pushing senses and capturing your soul. The unpredictability Shapiro and his guests lend an unfounded sense of exploration for each individual show.

This is more than a radio call in show… this is a twist on reality that will launch reality radio to a new realm by removing the disguise and taking comfortable listening to an area that challenges your senses. That is what the idea is.  Revealing. Admitting. Declaring.

Saying anything he wants, Rick’s new dialogue and perspective awakens a power and capacity.

Have a Blast. Discover. Coalesce.  Laugh at it all. Exalt baby… EXALT!!!

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