Rick Shapiro: NYC

Radio: Friday, Nov. 20th,2-5p : Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang Sirius XM Insight, channel 121
Comedy: Friday, Nov. 20th: StandUp New York. 7:55
Comedy: Friday, Nov. 20th: New York Comedy Club: 10:40p
Comedy: Saturday, Nov. 21th: StandUp New York. 8:55
Comedy: Saturday, Nov. 21st: New York Comedy Club:10:40p
Radio: Monday, Nov 232.15pm. The Bennington Show. Raw Dog. Sirius XM 99. http://benningtonshow.com/
Radio: Monday. 3p. Jay Thomas’s Comedy Greats. Sirius XM 94
Radio: Monday, Nov. 23rd9pm EST to 10pm ESTwww.thesdrshow.comBig Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton
Radio: Tues. Nov 24th: The Cumia Show: LIVE! 4pm
Radio: Tues. Nov 24th: ‘My Wife Hates Me’ with Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos. Sirius 103 xm 206 Tuesday 7-9 People can call in: 866-969-1969

December 5: 8p at CIA in noho

December 10: Showtime: 8:00 PM, CHICAGO: AT NORTH, 1637 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60622

December 16: 10P, EL CID, Los Angeles

December 23: Flappers, “RICK SHAPIRO’S NOT SO PC HOLIDAY SHOW” 9.30P

Support my wife’s Go Fund Me for breast cancer

This is a simple letter, yes, it’s me typing. And I am still trying to wrap my head around the changes that have happened in my life. Recently my Mom passed away. And now Tracy, who has helped me through everything needs me. Tracy has breast cancer. Her surgery is on September 18th.

So, I made this video for her.

And she has a GOFUND.ME page.  She is almost at her goal.

I will send other updates at a later time. Please share the information. All of the donations and prayers matter.

Thank you. RICK

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